CCTV and Access Control systems

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Access Control Systems

We Speciallise in the Complete Design, Supply and Installation of Modern high quality Access Control Equipment.


Imagine being able to control your building security door infrastructure with the use of a central PC.  All your doors can be secure and access managed via electronic locks and key card communication directly  linked to a local or remote work station.


We provide simple solutions that can help to secure your building and eliminate any key control problems.


With todays advances in technology, sophisticated system integration can be accomplish with-

Whether you manage a hotel, university, airport, hospital, residential home or corporate building with a need to control 1 door or 64,000 doors,

we can find a solution for you.




Where you have a requirement for restricted access through a door to authorised persons only, we can provide a solution ranging from standalone single door controllers to complex networked systems.


Intruder alarm Systems-

Control your intruder and access systems as one, across different areas of the building


Fire alarm Systems-

integrate with your fire alarm and program your system to automatically open fire doors in the event of an emergency and improve safety


CCTV  Systems-

connect your CCTV for a quick, efficient way to view footage related to what's going on at each door.

Install Cert Paxton Paxton 3x readers